Marisa’s Playlist of the Week

Marisa Hanke is the Rental Coordinator for the Bank of America Performing Art Center in Thousand Oaks. She works to provide BAPAC renters with a high level of service to ensure all concerns are addressed and things are running smoothly. She has lived in Thousand Oaks for most of her life where she resides with her husband Steve, and her two children, Savanna and Gavin. She enjoys soaking up the sun in the great Southern California weather.

Gratitude, Grace, Grit – All From A Safe Distance

This 4th of July is going to look very different for all of us this year.

No fireworks.

No BBQs with friends and family.

No parades.

None of the usual traditions/celebrations we are so used to seeing across the Nation on this our 244th anniversary of Independence.

For most of us, the growing pandemic has changed the way we do life and work.

I just finished reading a book called The Star and the Shamrock by Jean Grainger. It is based in WWII era Ireland. but it starts in Berlin with a German family’s life getting turned up on its head when the Catholic father is arrested and then killed for standing up against Nazi brutality and the Jewish mom has to send her 2 little kids on one of the last Kindertransport trains to never met before cousins for safekeeping. The story is an uplifting one in spite of the backdrop of Nazi Germany. It is one of empathy, courage, hope and the generosity of people as they embrace refugees into their lives.

I couldn’t help but compare what life in crisis looked like during that time (or for that matter during any war before or since) to our lives in crisis today.

Then: for 6 years people lived with strict emergency protocols for their safety.

Now: 4 months in and we’re struggling to maintain emergency protocols for our safety.

Then: they had to live on severe rations

Now: We caused shortages due to panic buying when this all began.

Then: Families were ripped apart.

Now: Families are sheltered together.

Then: Letters were the only way communicate with those who had been sent away to stay safe; and you didn’t know at that whether or not they’d be received.

Now: We have technology at our fingertips to stay in touch.

Then: If you left home, you risked death

Now: If you leave home (without a mask), you could be putting yourself and others at risk

Then: You were either for the war or against the war

Now: We are all together waging this war against COVID19

Today, on the eve of our country’s independence I hope that we can all come together and make a renewed commitment to love our neighbors and respect everyone’s right to be healthy by wearing a mask when necessary.

A mask is not a symbol.

It’s simply a mechanism by which we can all do our part in fighting this global war against COVID19.

If you have a cool mask, I would love to see it. Send me a picture to niki@toarts.org with your mask on and we’ll feature them in our Masked Special later this month.

Gratitude, Grit, Grace – All From a Safe Distance

Niki Richardson
Development Director, TOArts

Jonathan’s Playlist of the Week

Jonathan is the General Manager of the Bank of America Performing Arts Center (BAPAC) and is a lifelong participant and supporter of the arts and arts education. He has served in a variety of roles on numerous productions and in a variety of venues, from Southern California to Hawaii to Las Vegas. In addition to his work for BAPAC and TOArts, he also serves on the Board for Art Trek. Jonathan lives in Moorpark with his husband, Brandon and dogs Zeus and Yoda.

Michael’s Playlist of the Week

Michael Tachco is the Technical Production Supervisor at the Fred Kavli and Janet and Ray Scherr Forum Theatres. Additionally, Michael has toured musical theatre, designed lighting for various regional productions and is proud to be an Honorary Life Member of The Conejo Players. Michael lives in Toluca Lake with his beautiful wife Amy and cat, Blue.

Niki’s Playlist of the Week

Niki Richardson was born and raised in India and had traveled the world with her parents by the time she turned 16. She is the Development Director for TOArts, the nonprofit fundraising arm of the Bank of America Performing Arts Center. She earned her MBA from Pepperdine University in 2001 and has been a fundraiser ever since. She has helped raise revenue, resources and awareness for nonprofits up and down the 101 corridor from Los Angeles to Santa Maria. She loves speaking on the topic of selfcare for the nonprofit professional and efficient fundraising met.

State of the Performing Arts

Join a lively discussion with your local performing arts organizations as they share opportunities and new pathways brought about by COVID.

Joining us will be:
1. 5 Star Theatricals
2. Bank of America Performing Arts Center
3. Conejo Schools Foundation
4. Conejo Valley Youth Orchestra
5. Kingsmen Shakespeare Company
6. MTAC Conejo Valley
7. New West Symphony
8. Pacific Festival Ballet
9. Performances to Grow On
10. Thousand Oaks Philharmonic